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Gnanadarshan Seva Foundation – In a nut shell

Gnanadarshan Seva foundation is a social, non-political, non-profit organization for visually challenged women founded by Mr. C Sundaresan, who is himself visually challenged with partial vision. The foundation runs several programs for education, well being and overall grooming of visually challenged women. Gnanadarshan is funded by voluntary contributions from well wishers and philanthropic individuals/organizations. It is currently run from a rented premise in Chennai and is a home for more than 35 visually challenged women.


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Gnanadarshan serves as a home for many young, educated and talented visually challenged women with focus on education as a means by which their quality of life could be improved. Gnanadarshan takes pride in the fact that more than 500 visually challenged women have benefited from various programs organized by the foundation and quite a few have secured respectable jobs including positions in government institute




Board of Trustees:

  1. Mr.C.Sundaresan
  2. Mrs.Andal Srinath
  3. Mrs.S.Mangayarkarasi


Advisory Committee:

  1. Mr.D.Ravindran, IRS (Retd)
  2. Mr.K.R.Ganesh, Chartered Accountant
  3. Prof.C.Rajendran, IIT-Madras
  4. Mrs.Kala Ganesan, Academician
  5. Prof.Ganesan, MOP Vaishnav College
  6. Mrs.Sundari Murthy, Addl Secy (Retd), Govt of Tamil Nadu
  7. Mr.R.Balesh, IT Professional
  8. Mrs.Latha Sivaraman
  9. Mrs.Anuradha Lakshminarayanan, (Retd), Canara Bank
  10. Mrs.Radhika Balachandar, Architect
  11. Mrs.Sivapriya





Form 80G

Form 80G for the Gnanasharshan Foundation       Click Here to download






Registration for Foreign Contribution

Registration Number : 075901350

Nature : Educational Social                                Click Here to download FCRA




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