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Staff of Income Tax Department, Chennai celebrating Diwali with residents of Gnanadharshan

Yearly Ongoing Projects:

OCTOBER-NOVEMBER Diwali Celebration Diwali celebration for visually challenged people (both male & female) from Gnanadharshan & residents of other Government Hostels is conducted every year. During this event Devotional Music like bhajans are conducted and enlightening speeches are given by the speakers. Dresses, sweets are distributed to around 100 visually challenged people by the chief guest.
DECEMBER-JANUARY International World Disabled Day and New Year Celebration International World Disabled Day and New Year Celebration is celebrated during the month of Dec-Jan. During this event GK Competition is conducted for visually challenged students (both boys and girls) and 150 beneficiaries from Gnanadharshan & residents of other Government Hostels receive gift hampers. Speech by Enlightening Personality and a sumptuous lunch make the celebrations a gala event.
MARCH International Women’s Day Gnanadharshan conducts this programme to groom and counsel visually challenged Women. Speech by Enlightening Personality on employment awareness, health oriented counselling and General Check-up for women are conducted during the event. Distribution of Gift hampers by chief Guest and sumptuous lunch is provided for the students.
APRIL Summer Vacation Courses- 45 Days During Summer vacation Gnanadharshan conducts in-house training programme for around 25-30 visually challenged students. The training programme is named as “Life star”. The course duration is for 45 days and it includes training in Spoken English, Computer Operations, Music (Vocal or instrumental), Yoga and Handicraft. Participants are given certificates after completion of the course.
We appeal to all good Samaritans such as yourselves to contribute to such celebrations as volunteers and sponsoring various aspects of the programme (food, transportation, gift hampers etc).

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